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April 2019


December 2018

Hello winter! ☺️❄️

December 2018

Merry Christmas Eve!✨❤️ PC: Alyssa

October 2018

We have 8 more months left of high school and as the days go by I realize more and more how lucky I am to have these kids in my life💕

August 2018

First fundraiser✔️ thank you to everyone who came out to help with the car wash you guys did an amazing job!!

May 2018

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful momma so thankful to have an amazing mom like you!!!💐💕

April 2018

Easter 2018🐣🐰🌸✨❤️

January 2018

Happy birthday best friend aka bud 🎉🎂🎁 bud even though we drive each other nuts still wouldn’t trade you for the world well most of the time😂😂 anyway hope you have a wonderful 17th birthday love you so much!!

January 2018

Never regret something that once made you smile✨🥀

January 2018

It’s time to unfold new pages and start a new chapter in your life because it’s a New Year!!✨📖

December 2017

Love them all even if we piss each other off quite a bit!!😂❤️✨

September 2017

Smile... it will either warm their heart or piss them off... either way you win! ✨

May 2017

My munchkin is so cute❤ but today is his last game of the season and I had to miss it bc i have a project due Monday so I'm at a friends house but I so proud of this little dude he has done so much better this season he is tied for 1st for most hits of the team and has the most RBI's proud of u munchkin hope you did good at your game!❤ #22

May 2017

This morning mama dog past away she has been in my life since I can remember being our big bad guard dog an making it as hard as it could be when I went to feed her if it was trying to knock me over or dumping her food and burying it then going to steal blues food when she thought I wasn't watching it has been tough on her since our other husky blue pass away last October but I know they are happily reunited I'm going miss you timber mamas❤ RIP timber 5-15-17

March 2017

From the other night definitely the best concert I've been to I'm glad I got to see Brendon for the 2nd time and he still sounded amazing even with swollen vocal cords so happy I got spend it with some amazing group of girls ✨❤ 03/24/17

March 2017

Happy birthday to these two who mean so much to me hope you two have an amazing birthday love you guys so much🎉🎂🎁🎈 Happy 37th birthday mommy and Happy 6th birthday to my munchkin

March 2017

Proud of my munchkin he hit a double today and a single 2 out of 2 and I love his smile in this picture after he got to home base ❤️⚾️

March 2017

Always find a reason to laugh. It may not add years to your life but it surely will add life to your years.✨

February 2017

They call us night and day☀️🌙✨

February 2017

Had an amazing time with some amazing people✨ Happy Birthday brae I love you she much hope u had an amazing sweet 16💕

February 2017

sis.ter ('sister ) n. 1. A best friend for life. 2. Player of dress up. 3. Teller of stories . 4. Keeper of secrets.

February 2017

New Glasses✨

February 2017

Got to spend the night with some pretty amazing people✨❤

January 2017

ASB Class of 2019❤

January 2017

I wouldn't have nothing if I didn't have you -Monsters Inc.❤

January 2017

Adventure is out there✨

January 2017

My favs❤

January 2017


December 2016

Much love for these two✨❤

December 2016

Christmas 2016 ❤✨🎄🦌 hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!

November 2016

Thank you everyone who came and celebrated my 16th birthday and made this a memorable one❤️✨🎉 also thank you @ablatz22 @lpaloukos and grandma for driving me and my crazy friends around

November 2016

Happy thanksgiving everyone✨🍂🦃

November 2016

Bye reddish hair👋✨

November 2016

Finally 16✨ thank you to everyone for the sweet/funny birthday wishes and to everyone who made my 16th birthday amazing❤️

October 2016

RIP Blue Boy💙 love u so much buddy thanks for always looking over us and being our big tough guard dog for 14 years can't explain how much I'll miss u

October 2016

Just some deer at a elementary fall festival 🍂🎃✨

October 2016

he's not doing to good right now so I'm watching over him like he has for me for almost 14 years💙

October 2016

The rare occasion when I see her✨❤️

October 2016

I look dum but she looks cute❤️

October 2016

Football game with her✨❤️ PC:Sami

October 2016

Had and amazing time with all of them last night at homecoming and after homecoming✨❤️

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