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11 hours ago

The Blue Warrior is a little possessive as you can see. Thanks a lot to @fabifabulous17 for buying, and most importantly, for flying with the red ball for the kids. And thanks to all of you for sending us your Love, your Blessings, for keeping us in your prayers, and for donating to us. Money is super important, but nothing beats the Blessings that you send us. I feel them. You are the salt of the Earth. Without you, the Planet doesn’t have a chance. It is up to you to eradicate stupidity from this world... #ThinkBlue #ThankYou #AchillesBJWT #SaveTigers #ThinkBlue Pic by @johnmac_bjwt

13 hours ago

My brother @maluma with my son, and his Godson, #MalumaBabyBJWT Look at King George inside, all the way to the back, next to Caissa, who is fighting somebody through the fence. Massive thanks to my brother @luismtay because thanks to him, we were able to rescue Maluma Baby... #SaveLions @maluma @luismtay

16 hours ago

#ToldYou F..k You M.P.

19 hours ago

Dolano teaching The Milagros what being a Lion is all about. We don’t accept cry babies in the family, and Dolano is one fierce Lioness. I raised her well... #Dolano #Afriquita #TheBigPrideBJWT #SaveLions

22 hours ago

Just a reminder that this is how Luciano was last November. Look at my previous pic to see how big he is now... #BabyLucianoBJWT #SaveTigers

23 hours ago

Luci Luli... #BabyLucianoBJWT #SaveTigers


Maluma just met Baby Malamia : ) #MalamiaBJWT @maluma


Thanks to my brother @edgarnunezm from @sud777mx for making me the best Cheese Cake ever. Been dreaming of it for a month... @edgarnunezm @sud777mx #Mexico


Darkness... #BabyKalElBJWT @johnmac_bjwt


Arriba Medellín. You know that I Love Colombia with all my Heart, and Medellin, a tiny bit more : ) @maluma #Colombia #Medellin


I don’t know what’s a bigger show: To see @maluma driving people crazy, or to see 20,000 people going absolutely mad. What a great show, really couldn’t be happier for him. He deserves this and more... @maluma


ILanga looks in this picture like he’s been in countless battles in the Serengeti protecting his Pride and territories when in reality he’s the Mexican version of the Beverly Hills’ Chihuahua hahahha #ILangaBJWT #TheBigPrideBJWT #SaveLions Pic by @johnmac_bjwt


Nicole saying hi to Cata and Ana : ) #LasComadresBJWT

2 days ago

Lovey spooning Cheyenne. Only because I know that he comes from a good family. If that wasn’t the case... #LovesPrideBJWT #SaveLions

2 days ago

Miss Crazy being her usual self while the kids watched me from their habitat... #Cielis #SaveJaguars

2 days ago

These two Angels arrived on that crazy Friday : ) #SaveLions

2 days ago

La Niki Liki with her dad... #LasComadresBJWT Vid by @johnmac_bjwt

2 days ago

Chupa Dedo Alicito this morning. I was looking over Dolano, since she’s crazy... #KingAliBJWT #SaveLions Vid by @johnmac_bjwt

2 days ago

11:11 @maluma

3 days ago

Dinner time... #TheSteveJobsPrideBJWT #SaveLions

3 days ago

Your donation saves lives... Su donativo salva vidas... #ThankYou #Gracias

3 days ago

Luke... #LukeAndHanBJWT Pic by @johnmac_bjwt

3 days ago

Steve Jobs, Christmas and Woz... #TheSteveJobsPrideBJWT Pic by @marco_slm

3 days ago

Another great video of State 2B by my friend @robicus Just look at the size of the big pick up truck and compare it to our Habitats. Also, the smaller habitats on the left side when the video starts are for Dogs, which we have around 50 there. Remember, all these Angels would be dead without your support. This is where your money (And my personal money ) goes to. So if you can afford it, donate some money, as we still need to build several other habitats... #Stage2bBJWT #ThankYou @robicus

3 days ago

Pool Party while Grandpa Sonny gets all worried... #TheBluePrideBJWT #SaveTigers

3 days ago

Christmas, Steve Jobs and Woz last night... #TheSteveJobsPrideBJWT #SaveLions

4 days ago

I tried to get a good pic of Arizona for you but she moved a lot... #BabyArizonaBJWT

4 days ago

Stage 2B. Vid by @robicus #Stage2bBJWT

4 days ago

Los Niños. Special appearance by Lovey Dovey and the Juniper King... #Stage2bBJWT #SaveLions

4 days ago

Lewito’s Pride. Britto, Seth and Lewito... #LewitosPrideBJWT #SaveLions @romerobritto @sethsemilof

5 days ago

Los Niños are double the size : ) #TheSteveJobsPrideBJWT

5 days ago

This is our tax return. 1.6 million last year (From 1.2 I believe from the previous year ). Thanks to everyone that donated and bought merchandise, it’s a huge help. Obviously, as you can see, with the amount of rescues that we have, there’s no room for me to steal money or get rich. Or get a salary. I do this for free, out of Love for my Planet and my kids. If I wanted to do something illegal, there are plenty of options in my country, I wouldn’t run one of the most famous Foundations on the Planet (By far the most famous Animal Foundation ) to get a couple of thousand dollars. Again, thanks to everyone that support us and help us out. The rest can kiss my Mexican butt. With Love and gratitude... #PapaBearChronicles #ThankYou

5 days ago

Your donation saves lives... Su donativo salva vidas... #ThankYou #Gracias

5 days ago

Lewito’s grass is almost perfect now... #ThankYou #LewisPrideBJWT #SaveLions @johnmac_bjwt

5 days ago

Yesterday, supporting @hauteliving and my brothers @sethsemilof and @kamal in their efforts to help kids with terrible diseases through different Foundations. I honestly was shocked at the beautiful things that @brett_david does to help these beautiful kids that are suffering. Brett and his team take kids from hospitals to a race track and they get to drive in Lamborghinis and super luxurious cars. Imagine what it means to those sick Angels to get out of a hospital and ride in those cars. If all of us would invest five percent of our time and five percent of our money, we would not have poverty on the Planet. Just five percent. Imagine a Human (Kid, man or woman ) being hungry and having to fall asleep without eating. Then, waking up without food, over and over. We have to plan better... @sethsemilof @hauteliving @kamal

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