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The history maker. The game changer. Becky Red Belt ➡️business inquires:[email protected]

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14 hours ago

Over the weekend the Toughest SOB in WWE and Stone Cold had a closed-door match—and like Rocky and Apollo Creed the outcome of me winning will never be known.

4 days ago

Imagine how elevated you are when people think it’s mocking to bring up the fact that you’ve only one title. #beckyredbelt

1 weeks ago

Debts will be collected. #Becky2Belts #mitb

2 weeks ago

Sunday night, after #MITB - Becoming The Man

2 weeks ago

I chased, I bled, I hustled, I overcame, I won. I changed. I became The Man. #WWE24 airs right after #MITB this Sunday

2 weeks ago

God help the one who tries to separate The Man from her twins.

2 weeks ago

Don’t get too close to that title @thebethphoenix

3 weeks ago

I left home to find out who I was. I come back to remember who I am. #IAMTHEMAN #ThankYouIreland

3 weeks ago

The Ma and The Man. #wwebelfast

3 weeks ago

Here’s your apron, Plank, now where’s The Man’s sammich?

4 weeks ago

#bde #mitb

4 weeks ago

Do what The Man tells you

4 weeks ago

Only work gets done here folks, love The Double Champ.

4 weeks ago

@itsmebayley , you not winning on SDLive really raised my ire. Let’s have a rough match of wrestling soon, where I hope I don’t hurt your feelings in the buildup. K? Bye.

5 weeks ago

When they can't out-think you, out-fight you, or out-talk you, they eventually try to silence you. Call me what you like; I told you I’d never take my foot off your necks. 2 belts, no belts; I'll fight every one you.

last month

For the first time since the last time, it’ll be me and Charlotte Flair face-to-face tonight, while she shouts and I try to move on for the love of God.

last month

Been criss-crossing the country making town with Smackdown AND Raw. What did I miss?

last month

“Mother of Belts” - tomorrows #wrestlemania themed @deadboysfitness workout is worthy of a championship or two. Try it out. Let me know how you do. Beat me. I dare ya.

last month

Some of us are out there making history. Others are walking the ramp in nice hats

last month

Free head slaps going to anyone who thinks they can take any of my titles.

last month

Hands up if you’ve put 25 posts about The Man on your timline in just two days

last month

I don’t care how you dress, what you call yourself, or what you believe. I’m not in the business to judge people. I’m in this business to batter people. Especially the ones who come at me and my two shiny belts

last month

I was once told when I said I wanted to Main Event #Wrestlemania , that “it’s nice to dream but be realistic”. I’m happy I didn’t take that advice. It is now unthinkable to think what was once unthinkable. Those 3 seconds last night were a lifetime in the making. Thank you to all of you who have been on this crazy whirlwind journey with me. I love you all. We’re only getting started. #becky2belts

last month

Tonight is the night where The Man finally comes around to collect. Tonight is the night where we change how this business works, thinks and progresses. I. Am. Ready. For. This.

last month

I first arrived here at 19 and worked in a bar. Now here lighting up the @empirestatebldg and working the main event of #Wrestlemania

last month


last month

DON’T. CROSS. ME. Hydrating with @DrinkBODYARMOR before it all goes down… #ObsessedWithBetter

March 2019

ESPN paying close attention this morning.

March 2019

Ran my mouth, put in the miles, took the bumps and entertained the people until they couldn’t deny me any longer. It’s an emotional morning just knowing… I get to smash Ronnie and Charlotte in front of the whole world on the biggest stage possible. To the people: THANK YOU. #IAMTHEMAN

March 2019

Laying down the truth for the people in line #peoplespromo

March 2019

The Man doesn’t back down from anything because she’s #headstrong

March 2019

Building interest, building divisions, building arenas

March 2019

A couple of weeks before this they were going to let me go. I’ve been fighting to survive this place since before day one. I’ll never be above what I had to do to stay alive. #happypaddysday

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