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3 hours ago

Alaska was acquired for $7.2m (£5.9m ) and the Louisiana purchase deal cost $15m (£12.4m ). Danish PM Frederiksen called President Trump's idea to acquire Greenland "absurd". But is it unprecedented? #bbcnews #greenland #trump #usa

4 hours ago

Meet the man who sets off Stormzy's festival flames. George Baker has created special effects for some of the biggest artists in the world, who are using elaborate pyrotechnics to make their performances look even more impressive. @bbcnewsbeat #stormzy #wirelessfestival #glastonbury #bbcnews

8 hours ago

The first divers to visit the Titanic in nearly 15 years say some of the wreck is deteriorating rapidly. Strong ocean currents, salt corrosion and metal-eating bacteria are all damaging the ship. The remains of the boat sit 3.8km (2.4 miles ) down at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. #titanic #ocean #diving #bbcnews

11 hours ago

Would you start a bullet journal? They're hand-drawn financial trackers, decorated with amazing illustrations. People are using them to plan and save money – and photos uploaded to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube are really popular. So, would you get with the trend?

11 hours ago

Thumbs up or down for this piece of art? The giant hand, described as a "Lovecraftian nightmare come to life", is sitting atop Wellington's City Gallery in New Zealand. Ronnie van Hout's "Quasi" installation was carried by helicopter from Christchurch on Monday. The relocation of the five-metre tall (16 feet ) sculpture has stirred up a mixture of revulsion and civic pride in New Zealand's capital. Tap the link in our bio to read more about it. PHOTO: City Gallery Wellington


One minute they were there, the next they were gone with the wind. Dozens of inflatable mattresses were blown away before an outdoor movie night in Colorado. 🌬 🛏🛏🛏🛏🛏 #outdoorcinema #movienight #instaweather #bbcnews


Keith's hidden talent for painting nails has certainly got him noticed. 💅❤️ His granddaughter Ayla Winter-White filmed the 82-year-old doing hers when he offered to paint them after her hip operation. That's also when she found out he's been painting her nan's nails for the last 30 years because she suffers from arthritis. Ayla shared the video online and brought Keith a whole world of fans. #nails #nailsofinstagram #hero @bbcsouthnews #bbcnews

10 hours ago

Adam Riches used to mess around with pens and pencils and draw historical figures as a child. Rediscovering that interest for doodling has now helped him to forge a career in art. @bbceastofengland #doodles #drawing #art #bbcnews


A retirement home in Northumberland, UK, has welcomed two new residents. It is hoped the 18-month-old alpaca twin brothers will improve residents' health and wellbeing by offering companionship and time outside the home. 📷: @bbcneandcumbria #alpaca #retirement #bbcnews


Catrina Farnell was 23 and a talented dancer with dreams of becoming a choreographer. Then she was diagnosed with Cauda equina syndrome. Now 31 she is reliant on crutches and a wheelchair. Catrina's legs, bowel, bladder and sexual organs are all severely damaged. Her frail mother Margaret has become her carer. #caudaequinasyndrome #spine #health #bbcnews

2 days ago

This film contains images that some may find upsetting. Jouma and his family were fleeing their home in Syria in 2018 when an air strike hit the bus they were on. His face was severely wounded and he was left completely blind. The little boy was three years old at the time. The family now live in neighbouring Lebanon and allowed @eloisealanna to film them in their temporary home. #syria #lebanon #bbcnews

2 days ago

A pair of kayakers were soaked when they paddled close to Spencer glacier in Alaska. Huge chunks of ice fell off, causing a massive wave heading straight for Andrew and Josh. #alaska #glacier #bbcnews

3 days ago

Aerial footage shows the extent of a pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands gathered amid increasingly severe warnings by Beijing.

3 days ago

Kangaroos in the snow, spinning cars, football with tractors and other stories you may have missed this week.

4 days ago

"At the beginning of my career... I had never seen a woman conducting before." Meet Tianyi Lu, who's been appointed the first female conductor in residence at The Welsh National Opera. It's a role that's been created to raise the profile of women in orchestral music.

4 days ago

Protesters and police in Hong Kong have been locked in a spiral of violence and provocation for months. So, how have they got here?

5 days ago

Lee Komaki has spent a career in Tokyo's red-light district, but now wants to enter politics. But his unorthodox former life isn't the only challenge that he faces. #bbcnews #tokyo #politics #japan

5 days ago

Things didn't quite go to plan for this hungry raccoon. 🦝 The critter was caught red-handed as it burrowed its way inside a Florida High school's vending machine. Thankfully, after a bit of help from some nearby humans, it was able to escape! #raccoon #vendingmachine #bbcnews

5 days ago

The French town of Pleucadeuc welcomes around 1,500 twins every year, when they get together with other twins. The festival has been running for the last 25 years, and even features music from performing twins! #twins #identicaltwins #pleucadeuc #bbcnews

5 days ago

"It helps me know how other people feel being around the world, but it also makes me feel really unique." A cookery class in the UK is using food as a way to help young asylum seekers feel more settled in the community. ❤️🍲 Students are encouraged to practise their English while learning how to prepare a meal. The free workshops take place once a week in Bournemouth and are paid for by the local council. #bbcnews #food #refugees #immigration #kindness #instagood

6 days ago

Eyewitness dash cam captures the moment a texting driver crashes her car. No one was injured in the accident. The local US police department shared the footage as a warning to not text and drive. 📵📵📵 #donttextanddrive #drivesafe #bbcnews

6 days ago

The image of a boy in a gas mask holding a petrol bomb became a defining photograph of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. The iconic picture was taken during the Londonderry Bogside riots in August 1969. Fifty years on, photographer Clive Limpkin reflects on capturing that moment. #bbcnews #northernireland

6 days ago

"There's probably enough dinosaur material here to keep a thousand palaeontologists happy for a thousand years." 😲 Inside a secret dinosaur graveyard in the desert of Wyoming, US. An entire hoard of fossils has been found by scientists in Wyoming, US, who hope to discover new spieces of dinosaurs. "Mission Jurassic" represents arguably the country's biggest dinosaur hunt in decades. To read more on this fascinating story head to: #bbcnews #Dinosaurs #Jurassic #MissionJurassic #Wyoming @officialuom @childrensmuseum @natural_history_museum

1 weeks ago

Luca Parmitano has become the first person to DJ live from space 🚀🎧 The Italian astronaut played a set from the International Space Station to a cruise ship of clubbers in the Mediterranean Sea. #bbcnews #space #internationalspacestation #cruise

1 weeks ago

For years, scientists believed the ‘bystander effect’ would prevent many of us from intervening when someone needed help. But now, new research – and CCTV footage – could prove that theory wrong. #helpingothers #help #cctv #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

Yes, these kangaroos are hopping through the snow in an Australian field. After freezing winter conditions swept across south-eastern states, parts of the country experienced rare snowfall. Twitter user Stephen Grenfell filmed the animals, posting: "Not something you see every day in Australia. Kangaroos in the snow." Tap the link in our bio for more.

2 weeks ago

A new study in Canada describes dodgeball as "legalised bullying" and recommends that students should not be forced to play it. But dodgeball advocates say it all comes down to how the game is being taught. #schoolsports #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

This town in Spain has turned itself into one big nursing home, focussed on the "smallest things" that can help an older population. #age #inspire #instagood #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

This house which has been designed for people with dementia is helping to inspire families, care-home owners and council workers to make changes to their own homes. Lighter carpets and carefully chosen paint colours are just some of the tweaks that can keep people with dementia living independently for longer - saving both families and local authorities money in care fees. #dementia #alzheimers #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

"I might feel a bit sea sick and it's not going to be comfortable." Climate change activist @gretathunberg will spend two weeks travelling across the North Atlantic on a boat to attend a crucial climate change conference in New York. #climatechange #carbonneutral #green #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

@liverpoolfc fan Louis Fowler was so keen on trying to get @mosalah 's attention that he ran straight into a lamp-post. He says the striker, who was driving his car away from Liverpool's training ground, saw that he was injured and came to his house to make sure he was OK. Louis says it was "really kind-hearted of him" and that he loves Mo very much, "because he's amazing." #mosalah #liverpoolfc #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

Violence erupted in at least two underground train stations as Hong Kong saw its 10th weekend of protests. Local news outlets filmed police shooting non-lethal ammunition at close range and tear gas in an effort to disperse protesters. #bbcnews #hongkong

2 weeks ago

“I’m just a very normal guy. I didn’t come here because I’m particularly eccentric or unsuited to modern cosmopolitan life. I came here for a number of reasons.” Quarr Abbey, a Catholic Benedictine Monastery on the Isle of Wight, is offering an eight-week monastic internship for young people. Interns live in the monastery during the internship, which is designed to give a “spiritual foundation for life”. Josh Caminiti, a 24-year-old from Canada, who is about to start a new job as a business consultant in London, took part in the programme and spoke to the BBC about his experience. #monks #spiritual #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

A few stories you may have missed this week - including the donkey who sings for his supper, a flying car and a flying criminal. #bbcnews #newsoftheweek

2 weeks ago

"Perv busters. It's catchy. It gets people to stop and notice and it makes sense. On any given day we have roughly half a million people riding the subways. We want to make sure commuters are getting to and from safely." The Guardian Angels and their citizen "safety patrols" were born on the New York subway about 40 years ago in response to the city's crime-ridden transport system. More recently, a new division of the group has formed - a women-led group called Perv Busters which aims to prevent sexual assaults on the transport network. #newyork #guardianangels #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

Just your average juggling act. 🐬 Two friends have captured footage of a dolphin flipping jellyfish with its nose, in the harbour at Sønderborg, in the south of Denmark. #dolphin #denmark 🇩🇰 #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

Lotería, a popular bingo-type game that's been played across Latin America for centuries, has been given a millennial spin. New cards include 'El Twitter', 'El Tinder' and 'El Gluten'. 📱 Designer Mike Alfaro said he “wanted to create something that portrayed Latino millennials and immigrants in a more aspirational way, that gave people a sense of ‘This is who I am.’ ” #Lotería #millennials #bbcnews

2 weeks ago

"Once [the supermarket] had tomatoes, which were produced in Senegal, and packed in plastic in France, sold in Ivalo and then thrown away in Lapland. That is insane." Janne Utriainen and his family live in northern Lapland, in a remote location away from the world. They live off the land, fishing, hunting, picking berries and keeping animals. Their aim is to tackle climate change, caused by what they call “overconsumption”. #arctic #climatechange #bbcnews

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