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I see you! Think pink for my Bartschland Follies look last Friday @deney_adam #bartschlandfollies #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #blonds #blueeyed #barbie

4 days ago

Blue eyed blond! Party Barbie babe look for ON TOP opening last Tuesday, having so much fun being a blond 💃🏿 see you next Tuesday #ontopnyc @lebainnyc @deney_adam @thestandard #lebainnyc #blonds #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix

5 days ago

Love Ball pre happening tonight 6-8pm @thephluidproject “I’m so excited to share the @Luar x #LoveBall3 official merchandise with the @CFDA and #bartschland All proceeds of sales go toward raising lifesaving funds for HIV/AIDS research. Go get yours at #ThePhluidProject now!” @bobbottlenyc @cfda @maccosmetics @macpro @kevinaviance @nathankovach @therigolora @kikikareem @luar @raulzepol @zaldynyc @adamroth77 @simonhuck @xtian_nyc @_slobodan_randjelovic_ @leighelyse @aldoaraujo @stevenkolb @nickycbell @marckarimzadeh @mfbeckham @sophia__medrano @cesarhawas @jackmizrahi @josephmaglieri @simondoonan @alliemichler @ivanmbart @bilzmcmilz @thegatheryofficial @luigitadininyc @bfa #LoveBall3

6 days ago

Who loves purple? My Follies getup for last Fridays @bartschlandfollies can’t wait to work my look for tomorrow #bartschlandfollies a night at the opera collides with a burlesque circus for high fashion madcap entertainment everyfriday 11pm #theater #art #performance #liveshow #cabaret #sexy 🔥🔥🔥😻 #bartschland #susannebartschontop @netflix #susannebartsch #mckittrickhotel

1 weeks ago

Bartschland Barbie for last nights ON TOP season opener! Amazing night, thank you to all for coming out! Testing how much fun blondes can have! #Repost @deney_adam ・・・ THIS BARBIE ONLY COMES OUT AT NIGHT #partyqueen #queenofthenight @bartschland @lebainnyc #ontop #makeupartist #makeup #art #beauty #icon #hair #hairdresser Charly brown #lashes #eyeliner #lashes #hair #fashion #glitter #pink #blue #eyeshadow #fun #pearls #makeupartistworldwide @ultabeauty #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop #ontopnyc @lebainnyc @thestandard #lebain #blonds #barbie

2 weeks ago

Last day off! Little did I know this was the day before I became a mother to the most incredible son my Bailey Bartsch Barton #photo @len_prince #lenprince @itsdavidbarton #mothersday #blessed #grateful #mother @toddoldham @tonylongoria

2 weeks ago

Last night Play Now XXXX rated fabness! so good thank you @mykiiharmon I love #playnownyc so much, next one is June 8. With @brookecandy monthly party every 2. Saturday of the month, deney_adam @chenghuaichuang @3dollarbillbk #underground #party #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix

2 weeks ago

Camping it up💃🏿 @britishvogue thank you! This is the front and this is the back! #metgala2019 @ciaoansoni @lebainnyc @bcallabcalla @deney_adam #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix @thestandard

2 weeks ago

Here’s an other fab one from my Cover shoot for @kingkongmagazine out now in print 💃🏿 @albertwatsonphotography @deney_adam @kerrywarnofficial @danieledley we’re having Launch Party On Top May 21. 🍾🥂 @lebainnyc #ontopnyc #susannebartsch #bartschland #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #shutingQui @thombrowneny

3 weeks ago

Here is one of my CAMP definitions from #bartschland camp @papermagazine #covergirl 1994 eight month pregnant with my Bailey! Move over #statueofliberty @zaldynyc #mathuandzaldy #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #papermagazine

3 weeks ago

Golden rules, a touch of glitter never hurts! On way to last Fridays Follies @bartschlandfollies @ssik_kiss @deney_adam working hallways #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #bartschlandfollies #mckittrickhotel #charleybrown

4 weeks ago

Working the Gold 💛 for last weeks Bartschland Follies #closeup #goldengirl @ryburk #Repost @ryanburkevisual ・・・ Susanne Bartsch at the Chelsea @bartschland in an outfit by @daviddalrympleinc photo + makeup by @ryanburkevisual using @patmcgrathreal #makeupbyryanburke

4 weeks ago

Seeing double baby! Want more of me? Here you have it! Werrrk, this fab Cover story for @kingkongmagazine @albertwatsonphotography we’re having release party May 21 at ON TOP @lebainnyc @gucci @deney_adam @thornedarrell @danieledley #kingkongmagazine avail in print NOW #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #ontopnyc @caseynails

4 weeks ago

I am nothing without you and Love Ball III needs you! #Repost @cfda ・・・ “There is no greater power, no stronger sense of community, than the combined forces of charity and creativity,” says Susanne Bartsch, our Love Ball III partner. Love Balls I and II funded over $2.5 million to HIV/AIDS programs, supporting the affected trans and queer communities of color. This year, we hope to raise even more! The New York Community Trust was an early leader in supporting programs combating AIDS with the creation of The AIDS Fund, which informed the New York philanthropic community about needs and issues related to the epidemic. Since 2006, the AIDS Fund has partnered with us through the CFDA/Vogue Initiative. All proceeds raised at #LoveBall III ‪on Tuesday, June 25‬ at New York City’s Gotham Hall will benefit the CFDA/Vogue Initiative at the New York Community Trust. Link in @Cfda bio to purchase tickets. Produced by  @bfa and  @carltimpone @kana_nailist @deney_adam @bcallabcalla @cfda @kcdworldwide @bfa @img @maccosmetics @viva__glam @ivanmbart @theebillyporter @simonhuck @simondoonan @_slobodan_randjelovic_ @zaldynyc #georgeslowick @aldoaraujo @kikikareem @cesarhawas @kevinaviance @jackmizrahi @stevenkolb @charlielemindu @therigolora #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix #loveball -III #

4 weeks ago

Love Ball III is a labor of love, thanks to so many peeps donating they’re time to make this happened! I am flawed by the outpour of support love, help and giving, thank you!! @cfda @kcdworldwide @bfa @img @maccosmetics @viva__glam @ivanmbart @theebillyporter @simonhuck @simondoonan @_slobodan_randjelovic_ @zaldynyc #georgeslowick @aldoaraujo @kikikareem @cesarhawas @kevinaviance @jackmizrahi @stevenkolb @charlielemindu @therigolora @deney_adam @kana_nailist #bartschland Repost @cfda ・・・ Why did Susanne Bartsch want to revive Love Ball with the CFDA for 2019? “It’s the thirty-year anniversary of the first time the fashion community got together and stood up and acknowledged this illness. People were in denial, they didn’t want to deal with it.” An estimated 1.1 million people in the United States are living with HIV, and about 15% of those don’t know they are infected, as reported by amFAR. “It’s a celebration of how far we’ve come,” @Bartschland says. We are bringing the iconic HIV/AIDS benefit back ‪on June 25‬ during World Pride at Gotham Hall in NYC. The original two Love Balls came to life with the help of volunteers, and this year is no different with leaders of fashion, nightlife, and, of course, the ballroom community. All proceeds raised at #LoveBall III will benefit the CFDA/Vogue Initiative at the New York Community Trust. Link in @cfda in bio to purchase tickets. Produced by  @bfa and  @carltimpone

4 weeks ago

From my cover shoot! so excited to see it all in print avail 4/29 @kingkongmagazine we’re celebrating 🍾May 21. On Top🥂 @albertwatsonphotography @deney_adam @kerrywarnofficial @danieledley thank you #kingkongmagazine @lebainnyc #ontopnyc #bartschland #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix amzing dress @_namilia_ @kiragoodeyfootwear fab shoes

4 weeks ago

CFDA and I are reviving Love Ball on June 25. The first one was 30 years ago. Why are we doing this now? For one, Its not over till its over! #Repost @cfda According to amFAR, nearly 22 million people have died of AIDS-related causes since the epidemic began in the early 1980s. @Bartschland , the legendary event producer and Queen of the Night, lost so many friends to HIV/AIDS, and asked herself, “What can I do? Fight. I can fight, and I’m going to fight. I decided that I should do something, an event that could raise money to help fight the disease.” At a Harlem House Ball, she watched the Ballroom community come together to compete in self-made families called Houses, and it clicked for Susanne: Love Ball was born. With the help of the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS ( @DIFFANational ), the fashion industry, uniting under one cause to compete in fundraising, established the Houses of Donna Karan, Emporio Armani, Bob Mackie, Betsey Johnson, Barneys New York, Isaac Mizrahi, Vivienne Westwood, PAPER Magazine and Thierry Mugler, among other corporate entities. Susanne also engaged the legendary Ballroom Houses of Omni, Xtravaganza, Ebony, Dupree, Magnifique, LaBeija, Pendavis, Afrika and Overness, who brought the art of Voguing to the world’s stage and in front of the fashion community for the first time. All proceeds raised at #LoveBall III ‪on Tuesday, June 25, 2019‬ at Gotham Hall in New York City will benefit the CFDA/Vogue Initiative at the New York Community Trust. Link in CFDA bio to purchase tickets. #Video Produced by  @bfa and  @carltimpone @deney_adam @therigolora @simonhuck @simondoonan @kikikareem @zaldynyc @aldoaraujo @kevinaviance @stevenkolb @_slobodan_randjelovic_ @keith_dunhill @cesarhawas #nails @kana_nailist @theebillyporter

4 weeks ago

Surprise me! Who’s it gonna be? On my way to Bartschland Follies on one of those Fridays and yes I am AVAILABLE!! at @bartschlandfollies @themckittrick @deney_adam @daviddalrympleinc #herecomesthebride #bartschland #bartschlandfollies #susannebartsch #susannebartschontop @netflix #netflix @zaldynyc

5 weeks ago

The Boss has spoken! Love Ball is coming for you💃🏿 #theebillyporter @cfda #Repost @theebillyporter ・・・ The countdown is on CHILDREN! Listen Up! ⁣⠀ Love Ball III, the return of the legendary HIV/AIDS benefit, is coming at you on June 25 at Gotham Hall hosted by the #CFDA and @BARTSCHLAND with yours truly as the EMCEE of the evening. Are you ready? Start getting your looks togetha, cause this runway is going to be on FIRE. Link in bio for tickets #LoveBall Photo by @santiagraphy | set by @taylorhornestudio ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ Style by @sammyratelle for @rrrcreative ⁣⠀ Styling Associate @ashleymarienyc ⁣⠀ Jacket @nosessola ⁣⠀ Shirt & Dress @xllullan ⁣⠀ Shoes @giuseppezanotti ⁣⠀ Eyewear @native_ken ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀

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