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🙋🏻‍♂️ Costa Rican w/ Taiwanese roots living in Germany 🖖 Architecture & Travel • X & Sonyα6500

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23 hours ago

Sunday sci-fi lookup with this shot from one of the impressive Volkswagen car towers in the @autostadt in Wolfsburg, where they automatically deliver new cars to their happy new owners 🚙 I had the chance to visit this place, thanks to the kind invitation of Philipp @lerichti , @germanytourism & @autostadt 🙏 Be sure to check out Philipp‘s account @lerichti to see another view of this cool tower 😉 #samesamebutdifferent ____________________________________________ #lookingup_architecture #tv_pointofview #tv_buildings #tv_leadinglines #harmonyoflight #structures_greatshots #arquitecturamx #symmetrykillers #symmetricalmonsters #architecture_greatshots #igrecommend #srs_buildings #republic_of_symmetry #symmetryhunters #ig_deutschland #symmetricalmonsters #architects_need #architectanddesign #urbanromantix #minimal_lookup #wolfsburglove #germanytourism #germany30reunified #autostadt

4 weeks ago

I’ve seen a lot of lookups, as you can probably guess from my feed 😅, but this one is still one of my favs! Can you believe it is inside a car park? 🚗 🙌 I remember the moment I saw this for the first time, how stunned I was that they would build something like this for a place where people just park their cars for a couple of hours per day. Since I don’t own one ♻️, I probably wouldn’t have ever gone inside. Imagine missing out on this beauty ☺️ Through @instagram and all the talented photographers and urban explorers here, I’ve discovered so many new places and perspectives of my own city and of cities around the world. It has given me the opportunity to try out new things and has inspired me to improve my photography skills as much as I can 📷. I usually don’t pay that much attention to numbers, but today I celebrate 50k followers! 🎉 I’m very thankful and humbled by this 🙏 3 years ago, when I first started here, I never imagined anything like this would happen. Nor did I know that I would meet so many new people through this app and discover also a passion for photography, beyond the typical holiday pics and selfies 🌴 I know @instagram can also be a frustrating place, with the increasing number of ads, the instransparent algorithm and the fluctuating likes and followers. I however encourage you to see also the positive sides. Try not to obsess so much with numbers, but rather find out what you really like and what makes you happy 😃 If you’ve read down to here, thanks for all your invaluable encouragement and support! Happy Tuesday! 🙌

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