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im american, so its okay. get home safe. 📈📉 8605329314

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last month

Hi, sorry to bother you. My names Andrew. I’m trying to stay off the streets. I don’t want to beg. I know my life isn’t your responsibility. But if you could dig deep in your heart to spare something to help me out I would be very grateful. I’m in need of an ‘adjective’ and a ‘body part’ for my “Scooby Doo: Halloween” Mad Libs game. Please, help me finish what looks to be a boisterous and vociferous fable. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to listen. God bless you all. 📈📉 get home safe. 📸 - @austingillphoto @austingilllomography @bostoncommons @drawings_by_gilly @whydoesaustinhavesomanygramsandnotoneofthemincludereviewsforepispdesofdexterslaboratory ?

June 2019

i joined a new place i brought the lampshade from home placed it around the sun i like it when its cold 📈📉 get home safe. 📸 - Nine Lives starring Kevin Spacey Fanatic and Blade Runner 2049 Despising @mattfdevlin

March 2019

I built up four walls over opioids, and pills on christmas trees that held bright new toys With coffee table coasters and great green bucks, and a beagle in the backyard and little toy trucks And grapes grown on vines in pottery bowls, crafted by raging hands down at dollar store I was used to cigarette smoke in a house up the road, where i learned about music and changed the smell of my clothes 📈📉 get home safe.

5 days ago

i dream of empty play dens and quiet living rooms, with no coffee tables or tvs or racks to hold shoes i dream of bare walls and picture frames shattered on rugs, with sandpaper socks and the absence of love alone in the middle, the stairs are calling, and the lights drip paint and lead is falling the sky above is cloudy with a nice slice of shun, and i dream of a time me and my sister had fun 📈📉 get home safe.

February 2019

i purchased propaganda from the praying mantis with the cool shoelaces but the mailmen were wearing cooler shoes and the prophets had cool glasses while the children ate all the prerogatives 📈📉 get home safe.

February 2019

You’re all the apple of my carriage. Happy Valentino’s Day to all those named Valentino. I hope your day is filled with long hours in a crowded interstate diner with someone who doesn’t know how to eat bone-in wings but is trying really hard to not look foolish. 📈📉 get home safe. 📸 = @mchipss23

4 weeks ago

Life’s going great!

November 2017

Quackopolis™ 🦆

March 2015

Aint no rest for the wicked…