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☀️ 🍬🍬New single TOP DOWN out now🍬🍬☀️ bookings: [email protected] press: [email protected] mngmnt: [email protected]

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2 days ago

Since you’re making your summer rooftop playlist, here’s a fresh new track for you! Change Yr Mind in collab with @luxxury via @kitsunemusique She’s out, she’s everywhere and she’s fresh as a summer breeze. 🌸☀️

2 days ago

By the way my next show is August 9th in NYC at @industrycity with @natalieprass (thanks for asking guys! ) - also how cute is it that this photo was shot by my gurl @xojsmn in LA at @thehotelcafe 💋🖤💋

3 days ago

Bonus cover for @ubikwistmag shot by @seanwaltrous This interview was one of my favorites. 🥝 Grand merci à @giannie_couji for her incredible talent and vision (and styling! ). Hair & Make up by my dear friend @paspomamakeup

5 days ago

Me and mes barrettes for @lalignenyc #labande If you happen to watch the latest beautiful promo video for @lalignenyc (which you should do for sure! ) you might see the beautiful @oliviawilde dancing to my song BEFORE 🧡💗💛💚❤️💙shot by @ungano_agriodimas #ilovemybarrettes

6 days ago

You can call them bridesmaids, bridesmen, brothers, best friends, sisters, counselors... I call them THE FAIRIES 🧚🏼‍♂️ 🧚🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️ I would probably not exist without these three. I would definitely feel a lot less fabulous! They have shaped me into the woman that I am today and this is us on my wedding day. Régis @redge_p_ Bolden @mxbolden Jawad @jassemaya Je vous aime mes fairies chéries. Merci pour tout. 💫💛💫 Pic by @kjohn_lasoul (another fairy ) Thank you @voguemagazine @vogueweddings @overthemoon for making us feel even more fabulous 💛 #happypridemonth

1 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

Many of you asked where they could watch the full video. Thank you so much for asking guys. The thing is, there is no full video! 😝 I wanted to do something different and create mini videos highlighting different moments of the song as opposed to a full music video. That vision was achieved beyond my hopes thanks to @nathan r.smith 🙏🏽 So here is another mini video, this one with an #acapella of the hook. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you guys love these as much as I do! 🕊 . . . 🕊 . . . 🕊 . . . Top Down #newsingle [shot by @nathan r.smith]

2 weeks ago

« You make me feel... top down, uptown, Ford 68 » 🧡🚙 ☀️🌴 Top Down passed the “car test” ⚠️ Blasted it driving through Los Angeles and it werks 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

2 weeks ago

If you haven’t already, grab your headphones and listen to TOP DOWN..... 🎧 🍬🍬🎧 SOUND ON [shot by @nathan r.smith] just click the link in bio we made it easy for ya

2 weeks ago

Reflecting back on these last 10 days of touring, and the month of May altogether... and wow... 4 shows in Brooklyn, 6 shows in Tokyo, LA, @redrocksco The first thing that comes to mind is my band and how lucky I am to have found them. We can roll onto any stage with confidence and deliver the SHOW that I was dreaming of. It’s gonna keep getting better and tighter and I’m ready to take it to more and more places. Musicianship is not dead honey!!! #nobackingtracks 🤘🏽 Spécial thanks to @bluenotetokyo and @chromeo for treating me like I already got number one hits, and to my @sinclairbolden for providing the TMing glue. My band @mfwiley @jaleezy @itssoreso I love you guys and am SO thankful for you ❤️❤️❤️

2 weeks ago

We played Red MFcking Rocks 🤘🏽 . 📸 @dmanuel09 @redrocksco

3 weeks ago

TOP DOWN out everywhere 🍬🧡 🍬 [visuals by @nathan r.smith]

3 weeks ago

LOS ANGELES! 🙋🏽‍♀️🎀💛 We are back from Japan and our first stop is in your town with a live show at @thehotelcafe this Thursday 5/30 at 8pm. Tix links in bio! Send your friends and their Mamas!! - 📸 @dmanuel09

3 weeks ago

Tokyo I ❤️ you

3 weeks ago

Tokyo Tribe ✨👑 🇯🇵 💛👩🏽‍🎤✨

3 weeks ago

Well hello Los Angeles... This is me at a Tokyo Drag Bar and I’m coming straight to you to play at @thehotelcafe this Thursday May 30th at 8pm 💃🏽 - tix link in bio - Let your friends know and get your tix. See you in a few days! 🌹

3 weeks ago

WOW Tokyo... Am I dreaming??? 🤯 Just wrapped night one at @bluenotetokyo and I’m on a cloud ☁️ Thank you SO much for your support. I hope this is the start of a lifelong love story ✨💚✨

4 weeks ago

🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 See you at @bluenotetokyo Sunday and Monday. 2 sets per night 💛

4 weeks ago

TOP DOWN new single out now and available on all platforms ✨🦚✨ (link in bio ) - visuals by @nathan r.smith

4 weeks ago

My new single TOP DOWN is out now and available on all platforms (link in bio ). ☀️🍬☀️ We’re elebrating the release tonight at @cmoneverbody for the last night of my residency 🍾✨🍾✨ opening set by @lifeonplanets and DJ set by @jkriv Music by Adeline and Morgan Wiley @mfwiley Lyrics by Adeline @mfwiley and @denitiadenitia Mixed by @joshuapleeter Artwork by @obe_atmaya Pic by @shervinfoto Visuals by @nathan r.smith Styling @irini_arakas

4 weeks ago

New song TOP DOWN is OUT NOW ✨🦚✨ . . . Visuals by @nathan r.smith

4 weeks ago

New single out tomorrow 5.22 🦚🦚🦚 [shot by @nathan r.smith]

4 weeks ago

5.22 | new single 🦚 [sound on]

4 weeks ago

Coming out 5.22 [shot by @nathan r.smith]

4 weeks ago

And together we formed VOLTRON ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @ceelogreen @djrashida @brittaniwashington @traellekeys : you are magic ✨💙✨ can’t wait til we play together again - styled by @knowstylegia

5 weeks ago

5.22 [shot by @nathan r.smith]

5 weeks ago

From the days and nights spent at the studio to rehearsals, to the venue... this month has been so amazing. Only one show left in New York before heading to Tokyo, LA and Red Rocks (🤗 ). Thank you Brooklyn for showing up at the residency. Every show has been so unique and has made me feel closer to my audience and taught me something new about how to put the best show together. Only one left! Wednesday 5/22 at @cmoneverybodybk !!! 📽 @redisdancing [ECHO track number 4] 🧡

5 weeks ago

This is the biggest May of my life, AND it’s almost my birthday ✨🥂✨

last month

See you tonight Brooklyn 🧡 - 📸 @redisdancing

last month

« Let it rain slowly. So I can take my time. Holding you right here in my arms, the world could come apart. Let it rain slowly.” ... 🌹🦋🌹🦋🌹🦋 COME AND GO track number 9. 📽 @dmanuel09 We’re live at @cmoneverybodybk tomorrow night

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