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happy monday!

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@westernaustralia ’s #HuttLagoon is all kinds of dreamy 💗💕 So much so that @hobopeeba , who captured this video, even said: “I dreamed about the pink lake for a long time, and it turned out to be better than my dreams.” This picturesque #pinklake in @australiascoralcoast gets its vibrant shades from hue-producing algae, and the spectrum of colours here vary depending on the time of day and the amount of cloud cover. See the #lake from close up with a 30-minute road trip from @kalbarriwa , or book a @kalbarriscenicflights tour to get a bird’s-eye view which will definitely leave you in awe! #seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa #australiascoralcoast #travel #naturephotography

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🎨PUTTING MY FACE ON 🌚 - This is all #MAKEUP - TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES ILLUSIONS!💬 - Ahhh hey my loves 💋 this took me 7 hours😭 I saw one of @johnson_tsang_artist sculptures and I was inspired! I did a little twist and included my original blank canvas look, with the pouring effect of course 😉 let me know what you think! ☺️ - MAKEUP DEETS- @nyxcosmetics can’t stop won’t stop foundation in cappuccino @hudabeauty faux filter foundation in cinnamon @nyxcosmetics black and white liquid liners @samplebeauty paradigm shift palette @officialsnazaroo white clown face paint - #makeupmafia #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #nyxcosmetics_uk #makeuprevolution #anastasiabeverlyhills #hypnaughtymakeup #cakefacerj #makeupartistsworldwide #makeupmobb #jcatbeauty #flawlessdolls #melaninbeautiesunite #100daysofmakeup #wakeupandmakeup #trend #viral #blankcanvas


Couple benders

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stopped by to get some knowledge from billy


#wedding #beautifullhorse Una preciosa boda con un segundo precioso invitado..... 🐎❤️⭐️ #animallover

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. Photo by @h0rdur East Iceland’s highest waterfall. steep lava walls with with layers of red clay pressed in between gives it such a unique look! #Iceland #Nature #Place #Planet #Waterfall #Landscapes #EastIceland

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This giant bird with a 7 foot wingspan is called a Giant Petrel. I photographed him or her in Antarctica a few years ago. They specialize on feeding on dead things. I used that to my advantage to get close by lying motionless in the icy cold water for a long time. This all seemed like a genius idea until it jumped on top of my back and began using its heavy bill as a battering ram to crack open my skull to access the juicy meat inside. Between the pain with each blow and the ridiculous fits of laughter as I realized my predicament I had to roll over and get it off of my back. At least I have this photograph to show for it. #adventure #nature #beauty #antarctica

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It’s a rainforest inside of a volcano, with a lake at the very bottom. Crazy! 😱 #Terceira Photo by @nate_dodge Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus

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O verbo no infinito Ser criado, gerar-se, transformar O amor em carne e a carne em amor; nascer Respirar, e chorar, e adormecer E se nutrir para poder chorar Para poder nutrir-se; e despertar Um dia à luz e ver, ao mundo e ouvir E começar a amar e então sorrir E então sorrir para poder chorar. E crescer, e saber, e ser, e haver E perder, e sofrer, e ter horror De ser e amar, e se sentir maldito E esquecer tudo ao vir um novo amor E viver esse amor até morrer E ir conjugar o verbo no infinito... DEUS na sua perfeição. Amor (Vinicius de Moraes ) @spiderkick

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Custom Katy Perry American Idol doll I made 🌸🌺🌸 #katyperry #americanidol

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Parabéns Rei 👏👏🙌🙌

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One of the smallest owls we have in North America, this is a northern saw-whet owl. It's about the the size of a robin and eats mainly small mammals. I've always wanted to find one peering out of a nest or from a roost tree. Finally, this spring I got lucky. It's a a pretty common owl, but rarely seen #montana #birding #wildlife #owl

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No one else can define our own truths. #MYTRUTH #MYCALVINS

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Night bloom 🇯🇵 Photo by @godive2000

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Caption this please... 🍌

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BRUSH STROKES # Belle @the_benedicta Photography @waltpictures_ Artist @casskoncept1 #casskoncept1 #beauty #art #makeupart # @maccosmectics

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Eurovision 1998 winner @danainternational owning the #Eurovision stage in a couture #SS19 #GaultierParis gown.

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🍞 You thought that you found a perfect delicious loaf of bread? Fooled ya, it’s just me Nimbus.

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New jellies at midnight aka 3mins. Go watch on @adultswim

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Mi hanno abbandonato su questa panchina. Chi mi dà uno strappo a casa? 😂😂😂 #turin

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An evening in Hanoi's Train Street, sipping on egg coffee... I love trains, and I am so thrilled when one speeds past us. Afterwards I excitedly talk to the woman who made my drink, and she shrugs. This is just normal for her. The trains, if anything, are quite noisy. Now did I want another egg coffee? #Vietnam #coffeeeeeeee #annoyingtourist @sonyphinc #sonya7r3

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soo I wrote an original song : ) I was in my feelings 2 days ago and spit out some lyrics and chords .. it’s just something to mess around w lolz : ) I hope u like it <3 FULL VERSION WILL BE UPLOADED TO YOUTUBE TOMORROW NIGHT SO LOOK OUT ___________________________________ song : insecure (but imagine your lonely and there is rain outside ) artist @summer vocals48

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Some post birthday sleepiness, yesterday was so much fun, and today is probably going to be very relaxing! I hope everybody has a great Monday. 😊 ——————————————————— #borzoi #russianwolfhound #wolfhound #borzoisofinstagram #floof #dogsofinstagram #rva #sighthound #doggo #instadog #happydog #dogsofig #smilingdog #happiness #dogstagram #cute #ilovemydog #sillydog #longdog #snoot ———————————————————

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There may be no medical procedure in the world that is at once as controversial, as legally regulated, and as common as abortion. Abortion bans are making headlines in the United States, but laws that outlaw and even criminalize the procedure aren't some dystopian future problem. For millions of women and girls, they are reality. Worldwide, a quarter of pregnancies end in abortion every year; nearly half of these abortions are unsafe, with most unsafe abortions occurring in countries where the procedure is outlawed or tightly restricted. . I’ve spent the last year trying to understand the true cost of denying women this right with my dear friend and brilliant writer @jillfilipovic Here, a family sleeps at the bus terminal in San Pedro Sula before beginning the journey to the US alongside hundreds of other Hondurans. Honduras has one of the highest rates of violence against women in the world, and sexual violence is endemic. Both abortion and emergency contraception, though, are banned, including for rape survivors and minor girls. We traveled to Honduras last month on a grant from  @theIWMF to assess the impact of these bans on women, on violence, and on migration. . A fuller story is coming soon, but what we found, in the words of one women's rights activist, is that when it comes to violence, reproductive freedom, and migration, "everything is connected." Laws that turn women who end pregnancies into criminals lead to laws that bar women and girls, including rape victims, from preventing unwanted pregnancies. Bans on abortion and contraception stem from the same root as rape and other gendered violations: An insidious and pervasive conviction that women's bodies are not their own. "A mom will do anything for her children," that women's rights advocate told us. And so to protect themselves, and their daughters, Honduran women run. . #wheretoturn #abortion #migration #honduras


Madame ❌ in a custom #GaultierParis last night in Tel Aviv for @eurovision @madonna

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BACK IN STOCK! Visit the link in our bio to shop the #ModaRenew Complete Kit - limited quantities available. 💚🌎 #ModaBrush #Vegan #CrueltyFreeBeauty

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Just when you thought life couldn’t get any more sweeter, don’t forget to end every meal with a @meltbakery red velvet ice cream sammie🍦

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👉 First Serie A title for Serie A MVP of the season.

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Natural calm 🇨🇦 Photo by @glennleerobinson


Hair painting collab, details by @josephhuckabee who assisted me today at @hairstorystudio Free Your Hair Color class. When I started sharing hair wisdom through in-salon independent classes, Hair Story Studio was my Mecca and I never actually thought I would get to show up with my suitcase full of color and teach there. Today felt like a personal goal fulfilled, with the perfect small intimate class and an extremely potent conversation that needed to happen. 6 months of traveling and teaching and learning in salons has shown me very clearly what is needed and being called in by folx working behind the chair, and I can tell you, it is NOT more products to use. 🌟Salon environments that support hairdressers in working more slowly and intentionally, fostering personal creative growth and valuing the time, experience and energy of the working individual. 🌟Non toxic workspaces. Energetically and chemically. ☀️Valuing. Ourselves. And our time. Boundaries. Understanding and permission to specialize in what we do best. Making space to create and play, and learning how to collaborate and share ideas and use the alchemy of many creative minds working together.

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Locked in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 w my foolie @eliastalbot 🏰📸 @g2arch #boyinthecastle

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