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Wearing @glisten_cosmetics Disco Dynamite palette (shades: Rave, Soul, Funk, Boogie, Fever and Rhythm ) and Totally Botany palette (shades: Shrub, Mint, Pine, and Peony ) (gifted ) Thank you! 💙💚

4 days ago

My new friend #porg


Cruising into the weekend... 💦🌴 Pictured: The Boat Ride, Phang Nga Bay

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Pistol Smoke feat. @s_childs Be Ready !!! GHOSTFACE KILLAHS Drops 9/6/19 www.ghostfacemusic.com #wutangforever #wuwednesday #theodoreunit #ghostfacekillahs #ghostfacemusic #wutangclan #tonystarks

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We’re pairing blushed cheeks and neutral eyes for an easy, natural travel look for any adventure.

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We’re resetting dry summer skin with our Phantom Cleansing Silks. Begin your skincare ritual with soft, clean skin and a meditative space.


It’s Friday & we are ready to slide on in to the chill zone.

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💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫 New in The_Gallery_of_Magic 💫🌟💫 Congratulations and thank you for sharing this magic shot . . Featured artist @karen_claudia_ 💫🌟💫 . Please check out the gallery of this great artist for some for more amazing shots and kindly show your support 💫🌟💫 . If you want to be featured: 🌟follow @The_Gallery_of_Magic 🌟tag your magical shots #the_gallery_of_magic Internet or stolen pictures are NOT accepted / Pictures will be checked through TinEye / Google Image Search before featuring . Photo selected by: @1954anya 💫🌟💫🌟💫🌟💫

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PRESS PLAY ▶️ FOLLOW @brownmelaninmakeup for more videos like this —> credit @fatimafarley


I’m back!! It has been a long time since I have posted and cared to post on my account. I came to a realization that I was worried so much about likes and if my photo was going to do well that I would be nervous to post. I’m back now and going to be posting regularly. If everyone likes it then sweet, if not I’m still going to have fun with it!! Here we go, I have been extremely busy hiking and having some fun. I got the chance to hike to this beautiful cabin in Alaska and wake up to this! #alaska #briskoutdoors

5 hours ago

. . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ᔑᑕᕼᗩᑌ ᗞᏆᖇ ᗞᏆᗴ ᑎᗩᎢᑌᖇ ᗩᑎ, ᑌᑎᗞ ᗞᑌ ᗯᏆᖇᔑᎢ ᗩししᗴᔑ ᗷᗴᔑᔑᗴᖇ ᐯᗴᖇᔑᎢᗴᕼᗴᑎ. ~~~~~~~~~~ . . Herbstelt es oder herbstelt es? 🤷‍♀️... Ich würde sagen es herbstelt 😂... . Nun freu ich mich aber irgendwie doch schon drauf.... Auch wenn der Sommer für mich eigentlich ewig dauern könnte 😋 . Die Morgen und Abende sind schon richtig frisch... Also kein Kaffee in der Früh mehr in kurzer Hose... Zudem merken wir ganz deutlich, dass die Sonne tiefer steht, in der Früh braucht sie schon wesentlich länger bis sie über den Berg ist... . Übrigens ist es verdammt ruhig geworden hier bei uns, wir sind nur noch zu zweit und auch ich werde mich morgen wieder auf den Weg nach Tirol machen.... Irgendwann geht mein Urlaub ja auch mal zu Ende 😂... Leider 😋 . Freut ihr euch eigentlich auf den Herbst oder könnte der Sommer für euch auch gerne noch weitergehen? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #dogsthathike #bergverliebt #awakethesoul #earth_deluxe #folkgreen #wildernesstones #mountainstones #wildernessquest #wildernessnation #campingwithdogs #amongthewild #stayandwander #goodtimesoutside #visualsoflife #themoderndayexplorer #lifeofadventure #roamnation #ourplanetdaily #theearthoutdoors #findyouradventure #travelstoke #thegreatplanet #trentinoaltoadige #wanderlust #alpenliebe #bestmountainartists #gipfelstürmer #bergluft #wanderung #livewithoutlimits

April 2019

@jmdmcreative and I had the most incredible super moonrise last month while shooting with @ikamper Still can’t believe we were able to capture it! #ikamper #timelapse


Been busy painting but here’s an oldie but goodie 🤗 thank you all for the support!


NYX new Born to Glow

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An other one for ‘Fuego’ by @djsnake featuring @anitta @duttypaul @tainy 🎶✨ Isn’t making you dance?!

last month

💡🔌 @marielleklp

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Maximum neck fluff - achieved! #mainecoon #itssofluffyimgonnadie #mainecoons #mainecooncat #cats


Don’t mind us…just playing this video over & over again 😍 @marthitamtzmtz knew how to capture our August box perfectly 💗 #BoxyCharm #TotallyBoxy

6 days ago

Anzeige @visitbrabant Don‘t let this summer end! This was by far the most beautiful place in Brabant. I really enjoyed the atmosphere by the harbor on this warm summer evening. #brabantisopen #denbosch

4 weeks ago

Nizuc19 by @warmarchitects Photo by #cesarbejarstudio

5 days ago

This is one of my favorite photos from back in the day. I made some minor tweaks to improve on my old edit. Hope you like it! Who has been around long enough to remember this one?


🇫🇮 5 random facts about Åland archipelago you probably never heard of.. * When in the Stories earlier today we asked you which country Åland belong to, many of you answered Sweden.. * So before we start sharing our trip impressions with you we decided to put together 5 random facts about the Åland archipelago, because this is not a typical and well-known destination people usually inform themselves about. * 1. Åland (first letter read as “o” ) archipelago is a very interesting piece on Earth. Territorially the archipelago belongs to Finalnd 🇫🇮, but the main language is Swedish🇸🇪. Street names are in swedish too. Thus the currency is Euro, not Swedish Krones. 2. Åland archipelago consists of more than 6000 islands, some of which are just stones sticking out of the water. Nevertheless you can rent your own island! 3. Åland archipelago has its own parliament and own flag. And its own internet suffix. And it’s own duty-free tax laws. 4. Åland archipelago issues it’s own stamps which apparently are quite valuable among the collectors. And as we love sending snail mail from our trips we used the chance and dropped a couple of postcards into a mailbox. 5. Åland archipelago played a very important role during the WWI - serving as a submarine base for Russian army. Later it got occupied by the Germans. * Today Åland is a great destination for everyone who loves nature, cycling, piece and quiet and being surrounded by water. * More stories to come.. In collaboration with @tallinksilja_germany #werbung #sponsored #tallinksilja #tallinksilja_germany #minicruise #itsmyminicruise #visitåland

April 2019

Flashback: Chinese new year in Hong Kong in February 2019. #newyear #lunarnewyear #china #hongkong #hk #fireworks

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